Tubing Systems

Introducing MultiCSafe and DoubleCSafe Tube Systems

MULTICSAFE® and DOUBLECSAFE®  from CS Diagnostics Pharma  are revolutionary tubing systems for CT and MRI examinations. They are characterized by a shortened spike that makes optimal use of the contrast medium volume. The integrated swabable system automatically opens and closes when connecting and disconnecting the patient hose to ensure a closed system. The long patient tube prevents direct skin contact with the transfer system, keeping pathogens at a distance and minimizing the risk of contamination. With MULTICSAFE® and DOUBLECSAFE® you can rely on the highest level of safety and efficiency in medical examinations with contrast medium.

Flexible applicability

Shortened spike for optimal utilization of the available contrast medium volumes.
Removable spike provides maximum flexibility and allows for easy connection to Luer Lock based KM bags.
The shortened CM supply line saves contrast medium.

Integrated liquid stop

The integrated swabable
opens when connected and closes automatically when the patient tube is disconnected. MultiCSafe® is based on the optimum of a closed system.
The aim is better hygiene and patient safety.Intuitive handling thanks to color highlighting.

Optimized patient hose

The longer patient tube prevents direct
contact of the patient’s skin with the transfer system. This keeps pathogens at a distance, reducing the risk of contamination.

Two check valves
in the patient tube prevent pathogens from migrating.
The patient tube is available in different lengths and designs.

Integrated extension

 Fewer connection points reduce the risk of contamination.
Saves time and money: no external extension required, piston connections with optimized hose length ensure less KM waste and compatibility with all dual piston injectors.

Seven check valves

With a total of
7 check valves, MultiCSafe® (5) and DoubleCSafe® (2) create an unsurpassed safety profileHigh hygienic protection with regard to contamination by pathogens.