Zenith C-22

The CS Diagnostics Pharma C-22 dual piston injector meets all requirements for contrast-enhancing scans in multi-slice CT, including cutting-edge clinical applications. Thanks to its unique design, the C-22 offers high precision and reliability in administration and the ratio between sodium chloride and contrast medium.
In addition, the C-22 is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. The intuitive interface allows medical staff to quickly access and make adjustments to all necessary settings.
The C-22 dual piston injector was specifically designed for use in demanding clinical environments and meets the highest safety standards. With its robust design and a variety of integrated safety features, it ensures safe delivery of contrast agents without compromising performance or accuracy.

Introducing the Zenith C-22 Dual-Head Injector System for CT

Precision Injection Timing

Ensures accurate contrast agent delivery during scans.

Customizable Injection Profiles

Offers individual injection profiles with up to eight phases for tailored procedures.

KVO Program

Includes a KVO program to prevent blood clotting and ensure patient safety.

Assistant Tray

Includes an elaborate assistant tray for operator convenience, allowing placement of fluid bottles and connector tubing in designated areas.

Intuitive Operation

Features an easy-to-use interface with a large color touch screen for user convenience.

Enhanced Specifications

With a syringe capacity of 200 ml and programmable flow rate and pressure limits, providing flexibility in usage.

Injection or Scan Delay

Offers customizable injection or scan delay settings from 0 to 600 seconds in 1-second increments.

Advanced Clinical Applications

Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols, ensuring tight contrast bolus for better visualization and precise contrast delivery.

Zenith C-60

The CS Diagnostics Pharma ZENITH® C-60 double piston injector meets all MRI imaging requirements and is compatible with MRI scanning systems up to a field strength of up to and including 3 Tesla. Thanks to its innovative technology and precise dosage, the C-60 injector enables fast and reliable contrast medium administration during an MRI examination. It ensures the highest level of safety for the patient because the system is completely automated, thus minimizing sources of human error.
The injector has an intuitive control panel with a clear touchscreen on which all important parameters such as application speed or quantity can be easily adjusted. The device also makes it possible to save individual protocols and reuse them if necessary.
This ensures high reproducibility of the examinations and increases efficiency in practice.
In addition to its technical performance, the C-60 injector also impresses with its modern design and compact construction. This means it can be easily transported and stored in any practice or clinic to save space.

Introducing the Zenith C-60 Dual-Head Injector System for MRI

Enhanced Imaging Quality

Designed specifically for MRI scans, the Zenith C-60 injector enhances MR imaging quality.

Versatile Contrast Agent

Allows for a variable combination of contrast agent and saline solution to suit different imaging needs.

Extended Battery Life

 With an 8 Amp-hour battery, enjoy longer scan times between charges for uninterrupted operation.

Customizable Injection Profiles

Offers individual injection profiles with up to eight phases for precise procedures.

KVO Procedure

Incorporates a KVO procedure to prevent blood coagulation during injections, ensuring patient safety.

User-Friendly Interface

Features an intuitive operation with a large color touch screen and on-screen tutorial for simplified setup.

Mobile Configuration

Available in a mobile configuration for MR trailers, providing flexibility in usage.

Flexible Power

Offers flexible power management options, allowing either full non-tethered battery operation or continuous battery charging through AC power connection.

MRI Compatibility

With compatibility up to 3T MR imaging systems, the C-60 delivers saline after contrast medium injection, enhancing imaging quality.

Non-Magnetic Structure

Completely non-magnetic structure ensures reliable and safe operation in strong magnetic field environments.

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides comprehensive real-time monitoring of pressure and system operating states for precise control.

Remote Control

Allows remote control of injection to reduce radiation exposure to operators.