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Reliable patient identification is crucial in radiotherapy. Every radiotherapy patient is different, so that the treatment can be very different in terms of dosage and position on the body. This means that it is important to correctly identify each patient and ensure that they receive the correct treatment. Nowadays, the checks are usually done manually, for example by checking the patient’s date of birth or by taking a photo of the patient. These methods are prone to errors because these checks are not integrated into the workflow and it can never be 100% certain that these steps will be used again and again.

Comparison of biometric measurement methods

After much research, a special scanner was chosen to measure the vessel bed. This blood vessel pattern is unique for each person. A palm scan is even more accurate than identification using other biometric data, such as a fingerprint or an iris scan*. The false acceptance rate of a palm scan is 100 times lower than a fingerprint scan.
In addition, a palm scan can be made wider because it is suitable for all patients. For example, medication has no effect on the palm scan, while a fingerprint may temporarily disappear, for example under the influence of chemotherapy. It works without contact, so that, for example, damp hands or deformations caused by excessive pressure do not pose a problem. Scanning a palm of the hand also works quickly. This is important because the new identification method is carried out several times a day.

* Napua (2011): Growth of Biometric Technology in Self-Service Situations

  • Unique – also for twins
  • Properties are preserved for a lifetime
  • Live hand recording only if blood flow is detected
  • encrypted
  • Hand veins are extremely complex with more than 5 million reference points
  • Palms have thicker veins than fingers and are therefore easier to identify
  • Hand veins are insensitive to external influences such as chemotherapy
  • completely integrated
  • hygienic
  • quickly
  • minimum additional work

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